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(fiction) General Comedy RPS - The Sketch Went Down Well
by Colette-O-Tron (colacancol)
at June 19th, 2006 (03:40 pm)

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I can't really explain this *blushes* I can't excuse it either… the shame, oh the shame of it all… I've been suffering with the worst kind of writer's block this last month just gone, and haven't written anything for ages… So this is what I bring you, in my darkest hour as both a writer and a person… I hold my head in despair! Yes my friends, it's Mel/Griff slash… Anyway I stumbled across a fabulous little challenge community called 60_minute_fics where basically you take one of the week's prompts, and try to bash out a fiction in an hour and see where it gets you… I thought it sounded interesting, and I fancied giving it a go… when I read this week's prompt… Which was to write absolutely whatever you wanted to write, in a fan fiction, but never had… or never dared… Now was the chance, no matter how bad it is for any given reason… Oh God! I had to write one, I couldn't resist it… And well, to me this ended up as a 600 word ficlet about my two favourite boys in all of their slashiness… I'd say the devil made me do it, but then that would just be shifting the blame sideways ^_^

Title: The Sketch Went Down Well
Author: colacancol
Fandom: General Comedy RPS
Pairing: Mel Smith/Griff Rhys Jones
Rating: (12)

Synopsis: It wasn’t just the audience which enjoyed the French kissing sketch between the two of them… The whole thing left Griff feeling a little aroused if truth be told, and it seems that someone else has noticed...

Disclaimer: It’s fiction (though one can hope!) and I don’t own them, though I do own the story so if you want to use it for anything, feel free but leave my name on it and let me know *grins*

The Sketch Went Down Well

What a clever idea it had been, to turn it into a joke and make it a part of the show. How very unsuspecting they would be. Just the very thought of using a role play to fulfil fantasies and innermost desires, that not even the greatest amongst us would have guessed. And neither would he guess, if everything went accordingly. The idea of incorporating a French kiss into a sketch might not be anything new, but at least for Mel and Griff, it seemed that their relationship was to take an interesting turn.

Though that didn’t mean to say he wasn’t anxious, knowing of what was to come. It wasn’t so much a case of being scared of it, of feeling intimidated, or being disgusted by the idea - but more a case of finding the whole of it quite sexually exciting, and being in no position to do anything about it. Even before the act had taken place, Griff found himself beginning to squirm, attempting to wriggle out of the situation in more ways than one. Now what could he do? He could hardly walk off stage, could he? Having no time to protest, his mouth met with his, the obvious sense of hostility between them easing into something far more comfortable as they kissed. Two sets of lips, locked in a moment of silence, detached from the sound of the audience with their whooping and wolf-whistling. Everything about it, from the unknown textures, to the taste of his lover’s mouth, did greatly arouse him. Having to break away from each other, they went on to exchange a shy smile or two, before bringing the scene to a close. By now, it was over.

Leaving the crowd to applaud, the two comedians parted, and each went their separate ways off stage, meeting once again as they walked to their individual dressing rooms. ‘The sketch went down well,’ Mel smiled, placing his hands around his partner’s shoulders. Quickly turning around, as to hide both his excitement and embarrassment, the younger man faced the wall. Not daring to look behind him, he replied, ‘Yes, the audience seemed to like it.’ He trailed off quietly, a short silence falling upon the corridor, almost as if he had chosen the wrong answer to the question asked. Before he could follow it up, he was gripped tightly by strong arms, and spun back around. For a second or two, he merely held him, cradled him without words. ‘I meant with you,’ the familiar, husky voice spoke out, ‘I meant that the sketch went down well with you.’ Smirking, he glanced downwards towards a tent of tightening fabric.

Griff shuffled from one foot to the next and blushing slightly, covered his erection, cupping it with his right hand. He then cleared his throat, an ice breaker if anything. ‘Sometimes it happens, I guess,’ he grinned, sheepishly, ‘You know what I mean?’ Though he quite clearly wished that he didn’t have to explain himself at this point, he hoped that he wouldn’t have allowed himself to fall into this kind of trap. If only he could have stopped himself from becoming so aroused, had kept it in his pants so to speak. He didn’t think it should be an issue. Nor would he have thought Mel to be so observant. But what was surprising to them both, was that when it came to sexual desire for one another, the feeling was mutual. ‘Oh, I know what you mean,’ the larger man leaned in, whispering it into his ear. And with that, he closed in around him, reaching down for his belt.

‘I just think we should use our tongues next time…’


Posted by: madeluxx (madeluxx)
Posted at: September 19th, 2008 06:12 pm (UTC)

Sorry, I know this is really old, but I've been searching for some Mel & Griff slash for ages, and I found this lovely one! How incredibly cute! I loved this =)

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