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Colette-O-Tron [userpic]
A Grand Welcome!
by Colette-O-Tron (colacancol)
at June 19th, 2006 (12:45 pm)

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Hi there everyone! And welcome to the Comedy RPS Community... Open and ready for business, my friends ^_^ Here you can post any of your fiction, graphics, fanvids... it can be something unseen, or something that's been around for a while... old or new, as long as it fits the bill... Picspams are great, too... It's all good here *smiles* Or strike up a conversation about your favourite pairings, the kind of men (or women) in comedy that make you tick and what you like to see... Whatever your poison, let us know! And don't be shy about anything at all, or afraid to speak your mind... Flaming of other people's opinions is not tolerated... Just sit back, chill, introduce yourself to the community ^_~

Besides, I'm sure you couldn't be any stranger than me *laughs* Really... I do mean that... I'm Colette (or Cola, or ColaCanCol) and I'm your friendly neighbourhood mod/maintainer... Pleased to meet you all!

much love, and indeed comedian worship,